24 Jul

Well, I’ve been doing venue research – to the extreme. I’ve looked at elopement destinations, all-inclusive packages, backyards, halls, parks, et cetera. Do you know what I’ve discovered? I just don’t give a crap. I HATE all this ridiculous picking-and-choosing. It really doesn’t matter.

The day I get married is one day in my whole life. What do I really want?

  1. A dress that I like
  2. Really nice photos from the day
  3. A lactose free cake (is that possible?) so I don’t become ill
  4. One super-fancy honeymoon

I don’t care where this is, or if there are flowers, or what kind of food is served, or whether or not guests get alcohol. I don’t like dancing in public, or attention, or people staring at me. I don’t like any of the wedding traditions – bouquet toss, garter throw, walking down the isle, bridesmaids (ick). So thinking about these things = totally boring and/or stressful to me.



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