Engagement Ring

3 Aug

So, this is my engagement ring:

That’s a sapphire in the center, little diamonds on the sides, and the band in 18K gold. My sweetie and I went around ring shopping for a few months. We checked out the usual chains (amazingly crappy quality for “cheap” prices), some smaller family jewelers (where this ring came from), and antique/estate stores.

I really only wanted a few things: non-diamond center stone (preference for sapphires since we started dating in September), vintage or vintage “feel” to the ring, very small overall design. I have tiny hands and tiny fingers; my ring finger size is a 3.5 when I’m bloated and PMSing, less during other times of the month and when I avoid salty delights. A large stone would be absurd on me. That, and I think big, “Look-at-me” rings are tacky and indicative of serious underlying flaws in a relationship. That’s just my unjustified bias.

This ring was the first ring we looked at, and I always liked it the most. Since my fiance and I have already been together for 4 years, he knows what I like and do not like too. It worked out really well, and he got a good price on the ring as well.

Hooray! I have my tiny, pretty ring. 😀


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