About Me

I’m a medical student, but I’m a lot more than that. I’ve been a teacher, an art major, a teddy bear salesperson, a pianist, a total nerd and an obsessive baker. Currently, I’m planning a wedding to my sweetie of the last four years – during medical school. We are getting married in 2013, and I decided to start this blog to chart my progress over the next 2.5 years; my end goal is to have a wonderful, quaint, quirky, DIY, vintage-styled, recessionista wedding on a reasonable budget. I’ll be employing my full arsenal of crafty skills, getting some help from my friends and likely baking some truly horrible test-batch wedding cakes along the way.

Before you say anything, I’m not pre-planning like a crazy person. I have a few weeks left this summer, about 3 weeks of break time in the year, about 1 month after boards next summer, and at most 1 month in 2013 after I finish my last rotations – that’s 4 months. It’s spread out and weird, and I realize it is very unconventional…but hey, that’s me!

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