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Vintage Otagiri Bear Cake Toppers

21 Aug

Bears have particular meaning for FH and me. The bear cake toppers were his suggestion, so I Ebayed a set of vintage Otagiri bear S&P shakers. They will have a use after the wedding, and they are adorable. I’m going to edit the bows a little bit, though. That’s  a project for another day.


Two Wedding Dresses

21 Aug

So, after talking to the FH, I realized that his vision of me as a bride is not in line with my vintage Ebay dress. The wedding as a whole is more for him, since I loathe public events in general. Much pondering later, the official new decision is to sell the vintage dress (for less than I paid for it, mind you), take the hit, and buy a new dress.

That said, I’ve been obsessed with the site preownedweddingdresses.com, which I found through some link-to-link clicking in the indie wedding blogosphere. I browsed and browsed for a fancier dress that cost less than $1500 and was reasonably close to my measurements and height.


I purchased a Vera Wang dress on the site, and I received it yesterday. The dress is beautiful, and it is exactly what FH described to me over the phone while we were talking about the wedding that night. It also has a lovely vintage feel to it.

Caveat: The site is amazing, but the dress arrived with two small tears at the very bottom of the outer layer (a sheer silk organza). Fortunately, my new dress is for someone about 2 inches taller than me, so I’m going to find a seamstress to do some creative hemming. I’ll also need to take the bust in about 1/2 inch, and the sash around the middle needs to come in about 1 inch. Overall, though, it is really great; that and it is roughly 1/10th of the cost of a new Vera Wang wedding dress.

Official Theme Decision: Vintage Buttons

20 Aug

I’ve been reading a lot of the so-called indie wedding blogs, all of which put major emphasis on remaining “you” during your wedding planning. I take this to heart.

As such, my official theme decision – vintage buttons. I love buttons. I love vintage. I love crafty designs, and I’ve already incorporated my mom’s, grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s buttons into my bouquet. I’m going to design my own wedding stationary set with the button theme too. I haven’t figured out how to carry the idea all the way through yet, but I’m committed.

Also, I found a picture of a cake that I must imitate in some way:

Here’s another take on the button cake:

Engagement Ring

3 Aug

So, this is my engagement ring:

That’s a sapphire in the center, little diamonds on the sides, and the band in 18K gold. My sweetie and I went around ring shopping for a few months. We checked out the usual chains (amazingly crappy quality for “cheap” prices), some smaller family jewelers (where this ring came from), and antique/estate stores.

I really only wanted a few things: non-diamond center stone (preference for sapphires since we started dating in September), vintage or vintage “feel” to the ring, very small overall design. I have tiny hands and tiny fingers; my ring finger size is a 3.5 when I’m bloated and PMSing, less during other times of the month and when I avoid salty delights. A large stone would be absurd on me. That, and I think big, “Look-at-me” rings are tacky and indicative of serious underlying flaws in a relationship. That’s just my unjustified bias.

This ring was the first ring we looked at, and I always liked it the most. Since my fiance and I have already been together for 4 years, he knows what I like and do not like too. It worked out really well, and he got a good price on the ring as well.

Hooray! I have my tiny, pretty ring. 😀

The $275 Wedding Dress

17 Jul

As I’ve mentioned, I really like vintage things. I’m also not a fan of the mass-marketed “ideal” sense of a wedding dress. “Cheaper” wedding dresses (at the bridal chain stores) are made of fabric that feels, well, like an Halloween costume or a prom dress; these still run in the $500-600 range or even higher. No, thanks.

I’ve been lurking around the vintage clothing sites for a while, lusting after an array of New Look party dresses that I could never justify buying. Then, the idea struck me – I’ll buy a vintage wedding dress in the same style. My lurking shifted to slightly more active searching, and I kept Ebay on the list. For weeks, months…nothing…then one day, there is was – posted just for me.

It’s vintage (1950s), New Look, simple, slightly off-white, and it has a special detail that doesn’t overwhelm. It’s even in my measurements. I bought it after texting a picture to my two best girls for an opinion (both VERY affirmative). It shipped today, so I hope I like it as much when I see it. If not, I’ll just relist and continue the quest. I’d like to be done with this part, though.

Doesn’t the back rock? Hooray for a dress!