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Vintage Otagiri Bear Cake Toppers

21 Aug

Bears have particular meaning for FH and me. The bear cake toppers were his suggestion, so I Ebayed a set of vintage Otagiri bear S&P shakers. They will have a use after the wedding, and they are adorable. I’m going to edit the bows a little bit, though. That’s  a project for another day.



24 Jul

Well, I’ve been doing venue research – to the extreme. I’ve looked at elopement destinations, all-inclusive packages, backyards, halls, parks, et cetera. Do you know what I’ve discovered? I just don’t give a crap. I HATE all this ridiculous picking-and-choosing. It really doesn’t matter.

The day I get married is one day in my whole life. What do I really want?

  1. A dress that I like
  2. Really nice photos from the day
  3. A lactose free cake (is that possible?) so I don’t become ill
  4. One super-fancy honeymoon

I don’t care where this is, or if there are flowers, or what kind of food is served, or whether or not guests get alcohol. I don’t like dancing in public, or attention, or people staring at me. I don’t like any of the wedding traditions – bouquet toss, garter throw, walking down the isle, bridesmaids (ick). So thinking about these things = totally boring and/or stressful to me.


Flower Project #1 – Status: Complete

18 Jul

Well, about 10-12 hours of work later, my weekend bridal flower attempt is complete. I think it looks adorable. In total, the materials on this one piece cost around $18-20 (I’ll figure out the final cost later). The handle is a wooden knitting needle (oddly, the most expensive single item in the whole arrangement), and it is removable. I’ll customize it later.

I probably need to pin a little more just to tuck free corners, but I’m really excited about the results! At this rate, I’ll definitely be under budget on flower stuff. 😀

The $275 Wedding Dress

17 Jul

As I’ve mentioned, I really like vintage things. I’m also not a fan of the mass-marketed “ideal” sense of a wedding dress. “Cheaper” wedding dresses (at the bridal chain stores) are made of fabric that feels, well, like an Halloween costume or a prom dress; these still run in the $500-600 range or even higher. No, thanks.

I’ve been lurking around the vintage clothing sites for a while, lusting after an array of New Look party dresses that I could never justify buying. Then, the idea struck me – I’ll buy a vintage wedding dress in the same style. My lurking shifted to slightly more active searching, and I kept Ebay on the list. For weeks, months…nothing…then one day, there is was – posted just for me.

It’s vintage (1950s), New Look, simple, slightly off-white, and it has a special detail that doesn’t overwhelm. It’s even in my measurements. I bought it after texting a picture to my two best girls for an opinion (both VERY affirmative). It shipped today, so I hope I like it as much when I see it. If not, I’ll just relist and continue the quest. I’d like to be done with this part, though.

Doesn’t the back rock? Hooray for a dress!

Flower DIY Project – Test Run #1

17 Jul

Today, I felt crafty, so I proceeded to go to JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart in search of deals, sales, and supplies for my project. I already had a tin of buttons (you see some pictured below); they are buttons from my mother, her mother and my great-grandmother. I wanted to incorporate that into the flowers. I won’t be tossing this one. Ha.

I spent several hours prepping fabrics, several more sewing flowers, and another couple pinning and re-pinning. Here’s a picture of the progress so far:

Here is a top view of the same trial (it gives a better sense of the style):

I spent $30 on materials. I’d estimate I have enough fabric to make a huge bridal arrangement, a small lapel one, a ring pillow, and several smaller centerpieces. This was a good day for budget shopping.

Awesome Idea of the Day: instead of buying a plastic storage bin, I spent $17 at Walmart to grab a plush storage cube – fuctional, useful, secret – win, win, win!!!


17 Jul

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